Let’s Change The Way People Buy Wine.

WineCode is not just a software it's a partner dedicated to transform your winery's experience.

We provided comprehensive product solutions

From First Sketch to Final Deployment: Full-Cycle Product Development Partnership

UX/UI design

We have put a lot of effort into making it visually appealing and user friendly.

Web Development

We've built outstanding websites that load quickly and showcase beautifully on all devices.

Mobile App Development

We created smooth-running applications for both iPhones and Android devices, with a focus on delivering flawless performance.


We flawlessly initiated our projects, guaranteeing they are fully ready and operational right from the start.

Project overview

WineCode is a unique service created especially for winemakers, true wine connoisseurs and anyone who wants to dive into the fascinating world of of winemaking.

Our goals

Increasing wine accessibility

The app allows users to easily order wines from various wineries and have them delivered directly to their home.

Supporting wineries

The platform provides wineries with the opportunity to expand their customer base and sell their wines directly to consumers, bypassing intermediaries.

Encouraging user loyalty

The introduction of a bonus system and gifts encourages users to actively use the application and order wines through it. Gifts from wineries encourage customer loyalty and can lead to repeat purchases.

Key Features Showcase

Direct to consumer sales

Expand your reach and effortlessly ship your exceptional wines directly to your customers’ doorstep. The WineCode provides you with a streamlined solution to start, grow or expand your direct to consumer sales.

Sell your wine differently

Elevate your story with beautifully designed landing pages and add short-form videos to capture the next generation of wine drinkers.

Reward loyalty

Build brand loyalty by acknowledging and rewarding your most devoted customers. With the WineCode, you have the flexibility to decide how much or how little to reward your customers for their purchases.

Exchange to Rewards

Scan QR codes from participating wine bottles to unlock exclusive rewards and earn exciting perks.

Crafting a Landing Page: Entryway to Interaction

We've crafted a sleek landing page aimed at capturing visitors' attention and introducing them to the exciting opportunities offered by our service. This dedicated platform acts as a virtual gateway for potential buyers, furnishing essential details and convenient download links directly to the App Store and Google Play.

Now Available: Dive into the Thrill!

The app is officially available on the App Store and Google Play, allowing easy access for everyone. Get ready to interact with the global community of connoisseurs and participate in the daily adventures that this platform offers.

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