Who is Axel?

Axel was founded in 2018 by Phil Kravtsov and Adi Nasirdinov who’s mission was to grow the next generation of software developers in the untapped talent pool of central Asia. Initially discovering each other online, Phil (a front-end mobile developer from New York) and Adi (a back-end developer from Bishkek) thought they could bring their talents and personalities together to build a software development experience for the world like no other. Phil moved to Kyrgyzstan for two years to help Adi build Axel. To read the full story, click here.

Who are Axel’s clients?

You can describe Axel’s clients as the following type of people:

  • Established small or mid-sized businesses with anywhere from 5 - 500 employees.

  • Non-technical business owners.

  • Key people in established companies like: CEO, COO, CTO, President, Direction of Operations.

  • Service based businesses that see custom software as a headache relief.

  • Technology frustrated businesses that could use something custom to fit their specific needs.

The people we work with come from a variety of different industries: financial services, insurance, political analysts, social media influencers, education, drop shippers, real estate, aviation and even the US government, and many more.

Total project staff?

To date, we have ~30 people dedicated to client projects.

Where do employees work?

95% of our personnel work is in our office in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. (Pictured on the homepage.) Our small sales team work in satellite offices in Tampa, Florida and New York City for client on boarding. Our CEO flies between our three locations multiple times per year.

Are you an American company?

Axel is incorporated in Delaware. Our CEO Phil (your primary person of contact) and his small team are located in the United States. Our primary development team is located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

How does Axel recruit and hire its developers?

Axel receives over 100 new applicants every single month. Our vetting process includes:

  1. Phone Interview

  2. Educational Check

  3. Coding Exercises

  4. In-Person Interview

Will you sign my NDA?


Can Axel take over my existing custom software?

We sure can. We’ll need a live demo of the software and then we’ll audit your code. Once we complete the audit, we’ll send you a full report that includes an analysis, recommendations and the cost involved in a takeover.

When you’re done, who owns the code?

You do. Before we begin to work, we’ll send over a service agreement in place that will assign 100% ownership of all the work and assets to you, as long as we’re paid for the services we perform.

Who will I communicate with on the team?

Once you get started you'll have the direct line of The CEO Phil. He'll be your main (and possibly only) contact point for your project. Call or text anytime.

Can I see what you’re doing on a constant basis?

Yes. We believe in 100% transparency with our clients. You’re paying a lot of money for software, you should know how its being built, brick by brick.

How much will my project cost?

We can’t answer this question responsibly without fully understanding your idea, business, market, users, etc. After learning a little bit more about you, we can help you set a reasonable budget for what you’ll pay.

What are payment terms?

It depends on the type of project:

If billing by the hour, we invoice bi weekly or once a month in arrears. On February 1st, you’ll receive an invoice for hours logged for January. Payment is due within 3 business days. Some projects may require a deposit.

When billing for a fixed priced project, billing will be divided into milestones based on project completion.

Will you host my project after completion?

No. We'll send you instructions on what to purchase in terms of hosting your project. We'll set it up for you and explain what lives where. You should own your own software that we build.

What technologies / languages do you work with?

Axel has a very broad skillset which gives us the ability to determine which language / technology is best for your platform. We do about 90% of our work with these:

Web - PHP (Laravel), Node.js, React.JS, Vue.JS

Mobile - iOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin)

Embedded - C++

Database- SQL, MySQL

Do you write software for iPhone and Android?

Yes, we do.

Can you share projects that you’ve worked on?

Checkout our Portfolio.

Do you have any experience developing APIs?

All projects have API's.

Do you have experience with PCI compliance?

Anyone who takes credit card payment information on the internet is required to be PCI compliant. 80% of our projects involve credit card processing and is something we are very familiar with.

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