Sark: Intergalactic
Brain Battle

A breakthrough in mobile gaming, Sark combines word-based puzzles with strategic gameplay, inviting players on a journey through the cosmos of vocabulary and logic.

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We provided comprehensive product solutions

From First Sketch to Final Deployment: Full-Cycle Product Development Partnership

UX/UI design

We nailed the design, making sure it's both cool to look at and easy to use.

Web Development

We built awesome websites that load fast and look great on any device.

Mobile App Development

We crafted slick apps for both iPhones and Androids, focusing on smooth performance.


We smoothly rolled out our projects, making sure they're ready to rock from day one.

Project overview

"Sark - Intergalactic Brain Battle" is an engaging mobile game that reimagines the classic word puzzle experience for a global audience. With a simple yet captivating premise, players receive a set of letters to craft words within a dynamic grid. It's designed to be intuitive, allowing for quick learning, but also challenging, helping players to expand their vocabulary and sharpen logical thinking. Whether played alone or with others, Sark offers a competitive and entertaining platform for word game enthusiasts around the world.

Our goals

Enhancing the Puzzle Experience

Develop and launch intuitive, user-centric native applications for both iOS and Android platforms, designed to significantly enhance the digital puzzle-solving experience.

Fostering Global Connection

Implement a scalable architecture to support real-time, global multiplayer experiences, fostering community engagement and competitive play.

Seamless Cross-Platform Play:

Capitalize on cutting-edge technology to offer seamless, cross-platform functionality, ensuring a consistent and captivating gameplay experience across all devices.

Key Features Showcase

Discover the Care of Sark

We crafted an interactive game board that's the heart of Sark, where players strategically place letters to form words. We integrated a timer to add excitement, challenging players to think quickly. At the end of each round, users are rewarded with a display of their score, encouraging continuous improvement and engagement.

Lobby Feature: Invite, Join, Play

We enhanced the social gaming experience by designing a lobby system where players can easily invite friends, create multiplayer sessions, and join games together. Our lobby feature encourages community engagement and facilitates exciting gameplay among friends and competitors alike.

Rankings & Achievements

Our 'Ratings' feature showcases a competitive edge, where players can see where they stand among their peers. It's a dynamic leaderboard reflecting each player's victories, draws, and losses, along with total points, fueling a friendly rivalry and a drive to improve. Dive into the Sark universe, challenge friends, and climb the ranks to demonstrate your mastery of words.

Daily Challenge Arena

We introduced 'Game of the Day', a dynamic feature designed to keep the competitive spirit alive. Each day, we present a new puzzle to solve, allowing players to compete for daily points. Once the challenge is completed, players can check their scores exclusive to that day's game, fostering a vibrant, ever-changing leaderboard.

Landing Page Creation: Gateway to Engagement

We developed a sleek landing page for Sark, designed to entice and inform visitors about the app's unique gaming experience. This dedicated space serves as the digital front door for potential players, providing key insights, exciting visuals, and direct download links to the App Store and Google Play. Our landing page is optimized for user engagement, aiming to convert visitors into active players.

Available Now: Join the Adventure

We are thrilled to announce that Sark is now available for download. It's live on both the App Store and Google Play, bringing this captivating word battle to a wide audience. Get ready to join players around the globe and dive into the daily challenges Sark offers!

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